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General Rules of a Capsule Wardrobe

General Rules of a Capsule Wardrobe

The basic rules for creating a capsule wardrobe:

Choose a colour scheme.

Select one or two base colours that go with everything, such as black, white, grey, or navy in items such as trousers, handbags or coats so they can be put with anything else in the wardrobe. After choosing the base colours, choose one or two accent colours, which are brighter than the base colours, and co-ordinate with each other. These are typically be used for items such as tops, dresses, or accessories; once a colour scheme is established, all the items in a wardrobe should be interchangeable, as the colour of the pieces always complement each other.

Classic shapes and patterns.

By selecting classic cuts and patterns you are assured that they will not date. This means they can be worn throughout the years no matter the season.

High-quality fabrics.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to own a few items of clothing that can be worn different ways. Therefore, it is important to choose clothing that is well made and continues to look good despite consistent and multiple wears.

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